Rep. Gwen Graham to Serve on Agriculture Committee


Representative Gwen Graham has been appointed to serve on the House Agriculture Committee. Graham requested to serve on the committee to represent the farmers and rural communities in the Second Congressional District.

“Farmers and rural communities are the backbone of North Florida. Our economy depends on their hard work. Our families depend on them to provide food,” Graham said. “On the Agriculture Committee, I will be a voice our farmers can depend on to represent their interests.”

Graham will join Congressman Ted Yoho, who represents the neighboring Third Congressional District, as the only Florida representatives on the Agriculture Committee.

“Florida’s farmers expect us to rise above partisanship and politics,” Graham said. “I look forward to working with Republicans and Democrats to benefit North Florida agriculture.”

Florida Farm Bureau President John Hoblick issued the following statement on Graham’s appointment:

“I want to congratulate Rep. Gwen Graham upon her appointment to the House Agriculture Committee. Florida’s farm families look forward to working with her on a variety of federal issues that affect their livelihoods. They will be knowledgeable resources for Rep. Graham in both the development of new legislation and the application of existing policies.”


Now that Congress is in session, and Graham is an acting member of the House Armed ServicesCommittee, she shared some of her priorities for this term with NewsChannel 7.

“My priority has been initially to start building relationships with people regardless of party,” she said.

She says the military community is also a priority, both active duty and veterans and their families.


U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham of Tallahassee, who unseated Republican Steve Southerland in November, is under fire from Democrats for votes in favor of the Keystone pipeline, to roll back Wall Street reforms and other issues, illustrating the difficulty she faces in a district with a sizable conservative base.

Tampa Bay Times

Shocked and disappointed by the votes of their newly elected congresswoman, more than 20 Tallahassee self-proclaimed progressives will meet with Gwen Graham Saturday to air their differences.

“A lot of people knocked on doors, worked phone banks and contributed what little money they could to support her,” said Amy Datz, a member of the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee who is among those disappointed by the Keystone vote.

St Petersburg Blog


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