H.R.303 – Retired Pay Restoration Act ‪‪#‎Veterans


Did you know that disabled veterans are currently being penalized by a statute that requires a dollar for dollar offset of military retirement pay for VA disability compensation? So if a VET is getting a military pension and disability benefit they are having their earned pension reduced by the amount of disability compensation they receive. Think about that for a minute. They earned their pension, they became disabled serving our country, and now they lose money from their pension. How fair is that?

This issue needs to be addressed in our Congress. Last year, the 113th Congress had a bill, HR333, with 130 cosponsors (87 Democrats and 33 Republicans) There is a Facebook page that addresses the concerns of these Veterans:https://www.facebook.com/…/Chapter-61-Milit…/287855611230152

Now, the issue has been introduced into the 114th Congress. It was introduced on January 13, 2015 by Rep. Bilirakis (R) of Florida and is HR303. It has been referred to the Committee on Armed Services and to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.https://www.congress.gov/…/114th-…/house-bill/303/cosponsors

If you think our Congress should remedy this issue, then please contact members of those two committees and ask for action on HR303. You can find them here:http://www.house.gov/committees/

Pat Taylor Fuller has a blogspot named Pat’s Commentary

One thought on “H.R.303 – Retired Pay Restoration Act ‪‪#‎Veterans”

  1. 23 years in the air force and now no fucking pension….. these clowns in washington would never for one day put up with this kind shit….and don’t even think about trying to get your comp pay up to 50 % …. you can have a purple heart go to some place like Iraq more than once but ,..if you come back retire at only 40% disabled you can forget about a pension …they don’t even consider you a veteran… this government is fucking joke……


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