What’s the Difference Between a Liberal and a Progressive?


 wrote in 2011,  “The general unwillingness of Democrats to consistently push for more sharp-edged progressive solutions is a big problem right now.

Many of today’s Democratic politicians, for instance, are simply not comfortable taking a more confrontational posture towards large economic institutions (many of whom fund their campaigns) – institutions that regularly take a confrontational posture towards America’s middle-class.

Paying off corporations to do what they already should be doing sets a dangerous precedent – it sends a message to Big Business that they can leverage their irresponsible behavior into government handouts.

The “free market” conservatives have so dominated the political debate over the last two decades that our side seems only comfortable proposing to pay off different economic players, instead of forcing those players to behave themselves.

It’s time for that to change. The government has a job to play in protecting Americans from being ripped off, and that doesn’t mean just handing the economic bullies a bribe. It means pushing back – hard.

David Sirota-Huffingtonpost Blog

It’s past time. We need our leaders pushing back.  I agree- pushing back hard.

Political Scrutiny 101

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