The Faces of Health Care: Susanne C. | The White House #UniteBlue #ACA #Healthcare

 “Thank you. You are making a difference. It matters.”

Susanne C., a psychiatrist from Morgantown, West Virginia, wrote the President last April about how she’s seen the benefits of the Affordable Care Act firsthand.

In her letter, Susanne explained how her patients — many of whom work two jobs, without benefits — can now afford health insurance because of the law, and no longer have to fear financial ruin if they get sick. “We rarely encounter a patient without coverage,” she wrote. “Patients have either qualified for expanded Medicaid, or commercial insurance. They are no longer skipping appointments because they don’t have the money.”

But her patients aren’t the only ones benefiting from health reform. Susanne went on to share how the law helped her comfortably afford her own personal coverage, and gave her the freedom she needed to start her own practice.

“Coverage had been cost-prohibitive due to a pre-existing condition and I spent years shackled to large organizations in order to be part of a group health plan,” she wrote. “The ACA allowed me to have mobility and freedom.”

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The Faces of Health Care: Susanne C. | The White House.


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