It’s a Complex Issue #UniteBlue #LibCrib @Bannerite #CounterTerrorism


Anyone who pretends that a simple solution like “boots on the ground” will solve the problem the world is experiencing with Jihadist of all ilks is either a complete fool or working for the corporations that service our military. Just try to research the terms Jihadist, ISIS, ISIS, DAESH, al Qaeda, and IS. I dare you.

Yet, we must learn about them and figure out how to defeat them.  We must learn how to keep young, disenfranchised youth from leaving their countries to join up and fight for them. To this end, The White House is hosting a Counter Terrorism Summit beginning Wednesday, February 18.

Back in January, The White House release a statement from the President regarding the goals of this summit.

For a glimpse at the complexity of the Jihadist issue, check out the connecting web-like charts in this article:

Please keep track of the summit findings and do what you can to try to dissect the complexities of these extremists.

Pat Taylor Fuller has a blogspot named Pat’s Commentary


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