Liars, Lie

Robert McDonald

First it was Brian Williams, then Bill O’Reilly, now Veterans Affairs Chairman, Robert McDonald lies about his military service.

Of the three examples cited, I find the last to be the most troubling. The VA has been plagued with exposure of lies and now we have the new head of that agency admitting to lying about his service record. We need to have confidence that what our government and its agents are telling us is the absolute truth. Too many people today are using lack of trust of govenment as an excuse to drop out of politics and stop voting.

We need people to be engaged and to hold our media and politicians’ feet to the fire. When people get so disillusioned with our system that they believe there’s no purpose in being involved, then our system needs to be re-tooled.

Many progressives find it difficult to trust any information put out by our government. This is tragic. Millenials, now the largest block exceeding Baby Boomers in size, know that govenment lies to them at times and therefore, find any information coming from government sources to be suspect.

I want to be able to trust in my government. Washington needs to fix this credibility problem. Instead of reacting with silence or tacit support, the government must not allow lies and liars to continue.

Pat Taylor Fuller has a blogspot named Pat’s Commentary

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