The Challenge of Getting A Clean Funding Bill


Back when the Cromnibus was passed, GOP pulled the DHS from the funding bill. It was a ploy they planned to use to pressure President Obama into reniging on his Immigration Executive Orders. Now we are down to the wire and very soon our Department of Homeland Security will run out of funds.

There is some talk of a 3 week continuing resolution that will fund it for a few more weeks. What is the point? This type of political gamemansship is ruinous to our country. No one wins. And it makes us look bad to the rest of the world.

As of this writing, the Senate appears to be ready to pass a clean funding bill by removing the problematic immigration provisions. Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner says he will NOT remove the immigration part and maintains the House has already done its part.

They know what is at stake here and they don’t care. You see it is a game they are playing to see who will blink first. This is what happens when only 1/3 of the eligible voters get to the polls.  The 2/3rds who sat out the 2014 election let this happen.  We have to elect people who are more interested in getting things done for the American people than in scoring political points.

Pat Taylor Fuller has a blogspot named Pat’s Commentary


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