The Annual GOP Clown Show


The Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland wraps up today. Here’s the speaker schedule:

At the end, they conduct a straw poll to show which potential presidential candidate most pandered to the base.

I’ve been following two hashtags on Twitter.  #CPACQ was quickly hijacked by liberals who posted fake questions to the conference. As sample can be found here:

The other one is #CPAC2015 which also has some interesting liberal tweets. Basically, all candidates/speakers had nothing good to say about President Obama or America under his leadership. Yet, they criticized him for suggesting America had room for improvement. Go figure!

This most bizarre speech so far was by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.  If you enjoy craziness, his speech can be found here:  In summary, Phil blames hippies for STD’s.

We can only hope this clown show is not what actually represents the real Republican party. A slim hope, I fear.

Pat Taylor Fuller has a blogspot named Pat’s Commentary

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