President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host a State Dinner for Japanese Prime Minister Abe and his wife, Mrs. Akie Abe


March 23, 2015

Statement by the Press Secretary on the Visit of Prime Minister Abe of Japan

President Obama will host Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan for an official visit to the White House on April 28, including a State Dinner that evening. The two leaders will celebrate the strong global partnership that the United States and Japan have developed during the 70 years since the end of World War II, and underscore the common values and principles that have made the bilateral relationship so enduring. President Obama and Prime Minister Abe will discuss a range of economic, security, and global issues, including progress on the Trans Pacific Partnership, Japan’s expanding role in the Alliance, and climate change.


Japan State Dinner Press Preview and Spousal Program

Monday, April 27, 2015

The White House * 11:00 AM – On Monday, April 27 in the State Dining Room, the Office of the First Lady will host a press preview of Tuesday night’s Japan State Dinner and unveil the Obama State China Service.

As is tradition, First Lady Michelle Obama participated in the design and selection of the State China. The purchase of this China Service was funded by a special donation from the White House Endowment Trust of the White House Historical Association, a private nonprofit organization.

In addition to the Obama State China Service, sample place settings for the State Dinner will be on display for photos and b-roll. Officials and Executive Residence staff will deliver brief remarks and answer questions on background.

Tuesday evening’s dinner marks the eighth State or Official Visit of the Obama Administration; previous visits include: India in November 2009, Mexico in May 2010, China in January 2011, Germany in June 2011, Korea in October 2011, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in March 2012, and France in February 2014.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host a State Dinner
for Japanese Prime Minister Abe and his wife, Mrs. Akie Abe
White House


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