Washington Post promotes secret group calling for existential threat to independent media

The Florida Squeeze

propaganda9Americans take for granted the right to communicate freely without interference. I know I do, but I believe it’s time to adopt a less laissez-faire attitude. Attempts to silence professors and independent voices on the internet are increasing, and worse, they’re being accepted without critical evaluation by Democrats who believe the conspiracy theory that the Kremlin helped elect Donald Trump.

ITEM 1 — Secretive website calls for Congress to investigate independent media for espionage

Over Thanksgiving the Washington Post published a widely scorned article by tech reporter Craig Timberg entitled “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say.” In its stunning revelation of Kremlin-generated “fake news,” the article cited the work of an anonymous website calling itself PropOrNot which urges the blacklisting of some 200 media sites and even calls for them to be brought before Congress and investigated for espionage. The group is also peddling a Chrome browser…

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