4 lies Democrats still need to stop telling (and one truth we should learn)

The Florida Squeeze

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-10-54-34-pmThe original 5 Lies Florida Democratic Party Needs to Stop Telling Us was published long before the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and ultimately, the tragic failure of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. I’ve rewritten the whole essay. Now it’s “4 Lies Democrats still need to stop telling…(and one truth we should learn).”

I believe that adjusting the dials, tweaking messages, and doubling-down on fundraising targets won’t do a lick of good if Democrats don’t face facts. Bernie’s campaign wasn’t perfect, but much of what he did was successful despite the fact that it flew in the face of received wisdom about running campaigns. Unfortunately, the party is loathe to take his lessons to heart.

Short of following his lead, the least we can do is break the habit of lying to ourselves. Once we do that, our work is greatly simplified. Candidates, lawmakers and consultants can all use this “one easy trick” and watch the rest fall into place:


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